Measurement Data Form

Thank you so much for getting to this page from the recent mail out. It will take about 10 mins to get the measurements properly. You may need some help. You will need a tape measure long enough to measure your height, and flexible enough to go around your body. Hopefully all the measurement positions make sense. Please read the Notes on the pdf.


Measurement Form

What I'm making is an 'App', for want of a better term, which will, over time with more and more data points, be able to provide a potential customer with 95% certainty that the wetsuit they order on-line WILL fit. Conversely it will also inform the potential customer there is NOT a wetsuit size to fit them. Both useful bits of info. This will also be combined with some clever 'edge differentiation' we are working on via mobile phone photography to detect outlines and hence sizing. But sshhhhhh... that's secret.

I would appreciate you downloading the pdf and getting someone to help measure you up. The easiest way to get the info back to me is to photograph the completed measurements and send me an email - Or text the image to 027 472 9908.

 Size Chart to remind you.

Thanks so much!