Ruby Fresh 'Squad'

Join our swim community - The Ruby Fresh 'Squad'.

It consists of two elements:



Subscribe to The OWS


Join our Strava club


Substack is home to our magazine - The Ruby Fresh OWS, or if you like - 'The Open Water Swimmer'. OK, it's blatant brand marketing about all the products we make and stock, but so too is it full of interesting articles about all things open water swimming. Different events, people, training tips, interviews. Lots of interesting and informative stuff. Items that we think are worthy of being seen and read. Much of it will be free to consume.
If you become a paid Subscriber, a few things happen. You get regular discount codes for products on the Ruby Fresh website such that you will easily recoup your subscription fee annually. If you become a full Substack Squad Member you will receive a free pair of goggles too. The second thing is the subscription fee will go towards paying for further contributors to expand the reach and remit of The OWS. "For Swimmers, By Swimmers". That's the mantra.


Strava is our activity club. It's a Strava Club, but it's our Ruby Fresh Strava Squad club. Becoming a club member is free (but you need the app). There will be Strava only posts, and cross-posts from 'The OWS'. You can be part of local and world-wide challenges and events. Strava Squad members will also get discount codes for products on the website. If someone posts an amazing image (with caption, of course) or scores an amazing swim we will give props. Even prizes. On Strava you can see what others are doing swim-wise, and show others where you are swimming. It really is an active community for active people.


Through both of these platforms we aim to increase the community following for our brand Ruby Fresh. Because 'Creating Community Creates Customers'. At least, we'd like to think so.


Welcome to the Ruby Fresh Squad... Join up. You'll love it.