Ruby Fresh Goggle Fitting tips

"You just put them on your face right?"

"Yeah Nah... "

Here's a few pointers for the fitting of the Ruby Fresh goggles. But the points made here are relevant to all such 'large gasket' type swim goggles from any brand.

It's really super important to make sure you get the goggle fitting correctly BEFORE you hit the water. There is nothing as annoying as a leaking goggle. These tips will help you place and align the silicon gasket properly to help with a great fit on each swim.

1. The eye gaskets should be placed 'in' the eye socket. That sounds obvious, but what is meant is don't have the upper part of the gasket on the top of the eyebrow. That won't work so well and will probably leak. Have the top edge of the gasket just below the eyebrow 'in the eye socket', or at the least on the bottom edge of the eyebrow if you are of the bushy eyebrow type of build.

Ruby Fresh Swim Goggle fitting

2. Push the inner (nose side) edge of the gasket in towards your nose slightly (first image below) when putting them on. This is a good gauge of the fit. To get a great snug fit open your eyes widely and stretch your cheeks down at the same time by making that funny pose with your mouth open. You know the one...

3. Don't over tighten the straps. Why? Because two things, three even... (i) the goggle will feel uncomfortably tight; (ii) and this is the main reason - the bridge section of the goggle between each eye across the nose will be stretched apart and have an effect on Point 2 above, possibly causing a leak from the inside position of the eye near the nose; (iii) your eyelashes will touch the inside of the lens and this is very annoying! But this is a good indication if the goggle is too tight - see point (i).

4. Check the gasket is not overlapping your swim cap, especially at the temple position on the side of your head if you like your cap pulled down low. This will cause leakage from the outside edge if it overlaps the swim cap.


 5. Make sure the strap is centralised on the back of your head. You will note the goggles being pulled to one side if not. It will be obvious.

6. Now this next tip is purely a personal one but I don't take my goggles off once they are on if I can help it. I like to keep them dry on the inside if I can. I find this lessens any tendency to fog up. This is a personal thing for each swimmer, because for many swimmers, the first thing they do is dunk the goggle in the water after spitting in them! Buy hey, each to their own on this point!

7. When storing your goggles keep them out of the direct heat of the sun, especially in your car. Do not allow other items, especially edges or corners, to be resting or sitting on top of the goggle especially across the gasket as it will deform the silicone material, kinking and / or loose form, allowing a leak to occur. The image below shows an extreme example of what happens when thrown into a scorching hot car in direct sun AND with a shoe resting across them!

Deformed Goggle