(for purchases made from our online store)

We are very proud of our products. It’s been a long slog to get to this point and we are thrilled you have decided to purchase a Ruby Fresh item for your fresh water swimming. We stand behind our materials and manufacturing, and we aim to deliver a product free of defects and of the highest quality.

We are committed to repairing or replacing any item that falls within our warranty period and policies (see below).

The warranty does not cover colour fading (external or the internal liner), tearing, general or excessive wear & tear, mistreatment or abuse.

If the item is faulty or being exchanged we will gladly ship the exchanged item to you for free. If the item is faulty we will reimburse you for the cost of your postage with money, a gift or coupon whichever is going to be easiest. If the item is being exchanged or being sent for repair the cost is yours.


Ruby Fresh provide a warranty on manufacture and materials for one year from date of purchase. The warranty runs from the original date of payment receipt only and is not extended should an item be replaced. Ruby Fresh will decide to replace or repair defects that occur within normal wear and tear circumstances. Frequency of use and care differs from person to person. This covers the failure of seams, zips or linings, but it should be noted swim wetsuits are delicate pieces of equipment and should be treated as such. You will no doubt put the suit on with care, please take it off with as much care and not stress the seams at the critical point junctures between thicker and thinner neoprene panels. See fitting page.

Graphic peeling is a cosmetic issue and not a warranty fault.

Ruby Fresh retains the right to define normal wear and tear circumstances, but as a guideline this requires the customer to follow care instructions and take all reasonable precautions to maintain the equipment. Exposure to elements such as extreme heat (back of your car in the summer) and direct sunshine (keep your wetsuit turned inside out when drying), prolonged chlorine (if used in a pool), and other harsh or abrasive substances can accelerate product degradation and the smooth skin neoprene coating and may void warranty. The suit should not be used for any activity other than swimming i.e. surfing, kayaking, waterskiing where abrasion from other surfaces will result.

Fingernails and other sharp objects may tear and rip the Yamamoto neoprene of your wetsuit. We will not repair or replace items under warranty where there is clear evidence of inadequate care or treatment.

What we don't cover under warranty:

  • Tears in neoprene. All our suits are examined before shipment and will not have tears. This is caused by long finger nails and / or excessive force and pressure when you are putting the suit on or removing it.

  • Abrasion from your body on the outside areas of the neoprene. i.e. your chin (shaven or unshaven) against a shoulder; chafing between the legs.
  • Breakdown or de-lamination of Neoprene, liner fabric, thread and vinyl material due to direct exposure to UV, direct heat from the sun or what occurs naturally by salt water over time. Pool chemicals (chlorine) or other chemicals,

  • Modifications made by you.

  • Normal wear and tear (products get old and wear out. It’s natural).

  • Welded seams and hems coming apart due to high exposure to heat (most normally the sun).

  • Shipping charges on international orders.

  • We recommend Aquasure neoprene adhesive for DIY fixes. But please do talk to us, we want to help and can have the suit repaired at your cost.

Ruby Fresh swim accessories and other swim equipment carry a 3-month warranty guarantee and are subject to the same exclusions as mentioned above.


Ex-Demo products have a 30 day warranty for fit and size swap out only. No $$ refunds.